Character Comedy

Anne Crowther

Anne Crowther loves a bargain at any cost. 

Anne is a character of mine who I’ve been developing through a series of short videos on YouTube and TikTok.

Written and performed by me, Anne Crowther won 1st Prize at the Chorts LIVE! Event in 2017 and was also longlisted into the top 6% of submissions for the BBC’s Caroline Aherne Bursary Award Scheme with the video below.  

Anne Crowther has also enjoyed some success on TikTok with just under 1000 followers and nearly 400k views across all videos at the time of writing. 

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@annecrowther 😖 Did you know pound shops do this?? This is from one of my YouTube videos, watch the rest there please if you want? #foryoupage #ukcomedy ♬ original sound - annecrowther